Re: Gavis rads today need help getting them up please

Tara Smith

-- Hi Lavinia ,Im sure Kathy will want to respond here,but a couple things I do know .Correct ,foot photos that were taken right after trim were not uploaded a member helped us upload and the most current tweak trim Kathy did is not reflecting.Im not happy to hear that the views of x-rays are not allowing for clear interpretation of how Gavis feet are really doing.Can you offer clear film shots needed from vet in case they will retake?Gavi was in such discomfort for these that he needed an opiod to support his pain level.Going forward gavi has very large toe calluses.Kathleen was hoping for detailed instructions on how much trim exactly needs to come off toes and flares please? Will this provide more comfortable for Gavi and is this what's causing so much pain ? We are on day 7 of 4 mg. Of pracend and still on 300 mg. Ivonkana.I finally got a urine sample sent to Dr. Kellon and urine is still showing lots of glucose exiting out of urine So ivonkana is doing it's job.Any thought on how much pracend I can keep increasing to or try 4mg for a solid 3 weeks to see if symptoms become improved?Did these x-rays present in a way that may suggest we have some wiggle room to help gavi feel better or is this going to be  a no choice for much more intervention and help were I may need to put him down in the near future?We are gonna try a bit of tramadol and the hemp joint with devil's claw as well.Thank you for every generous moment of your time , support,and recommendations,Fondly
Tara and Gavilon
Mass.  Nov 2017

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