jesse has died ... colic

LJ Friedman

yesterday jesse showed some colic signs.  3 manure piles and gas.  ( i didnt make any connection and walked him to nite stall.  ) 6 pm barn manager sees rollingin stall. he walked him, i arrived.gave banamine, he appeared better. ate his mash etc.  10 pm more rolling etc. vet arrives after 500# banamine dose. not much improvement.  vet did plenty.. hose got stuck because What was coming out was so thick. She also thought it smelled very fermented.  I knew at,31 I would not put him through surgery but vet did say there was a 25% chance if I brought him to the hospital they could get fluids and that might open up the impaction. But as time went on with her examination she lowered that percentage to zero. She gave a few meds as a last ditch but to no affect. When she euthanized him I watched. It was quite gentle. She said it was the best one she had ever done. And as we speak to Hauler has just taken Jesse off for a burial. Looking back, medicine changes probably affected his ability to regulate heat and he was about one week overdue for a clip and we’ve had hot weather. Overall I have known  that i took  him from worst to first but still looking back could’ve probably done better. But overall a 31  death shouldn’t be a complete shock to Horse owners
This is what the vet said, I’m not sure what to think of it but these are her words.
” she said that Jesse pushed her out-of-the-way to Nuzzle  and say goodbye to Majestic. And then he went to lay down to die.“
At that point we got him up and moved him to the field as it is certainly easier to transport a horse from open area as opposed to a close stall.
Of course  many thanks to this group to keep Jesse alive all these years, and i am very thankful. Additionally I did see him tarped and covered  on the ground and he did look quite peaceful even uncovered, no freak out from mev. I attached his name plate to his leg.  ( not metal.  wood with a string to tie around?

LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

Jesse and majestic ‘s Case History 
Jesse's Photos


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