Re: BET Labs/Permax

Susan Laflamme <f4mlatir@...>

Hi Paula,
Can you tell me more about BET labs.
Darby is not doing well right now, I had wondered about giving her chromium.
Yesterday she started looking sore so I have started soaking her feet in
epsom salts and giving her 1 tablespoon isoxoprine, 1 tsp asprin every
other day and 1 1/2 bute daily and I decided I would also give her the
antibiotics I have for feeling is this time it's all or nothing.
I called my vet and she was already out so I left a message of what I was
giving Darby.
Darby's only symtom of cushings has been elevated blood sugar, it's very
high I think it was 347 last test and of course the laminitis which is
happening more often now.
Darby is normally on 100 mg Cypro and I give her 1000mg of devils claw
rather than bute, right now she is on the bute.
I've got to pick up more cypro tomorrow and I'll ask my vet about the
chromium although it might be too late for my girl.

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