speedi beet & hay testing

vicky monen


I am still having issues with Samson and his weight, lameness and insulin levels. Trying to figure out what is causing it and or what I can do differently.  Im curious as to the speedi beet not  being R/S/R and how it affects IR. 

I have been reading alot about the speedi beet on here.  My question is what can happen to a IR/Cushings horse that gets speedi beet that is not R/S/R?

My barn is not R/S/R the speedi beet and my horse gets dry measured 1/4 cup am and pm. 

Should I have them stop feeding the speedi beet if they wont R/S/R?

Also,  when doing the hay analysis, is the NIR versus wet chemistry a major issue to get the correct s/s results?  I was trying to save money on fast testing hay prior to purchase and was doing the Fast Track which I didnt realize was NIR not wet chem.  Could my results have been off in s/s% ?  

As always,  when you struggle with getting your IR horse better, you are in a constant analyzing phase of what you need to change.

Thanks for any info you can provide. 
Vicky Monen and Samson

Aug 2015, Alpharetta Ga.



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