Re: Fecal Water Syndrome - Question about Psyllium Husk Supplementation


Hello... Hoping to check in after feeding Tabby (PPID/IR) One cup of moist NOW brand Psyllium Husk powder (chose this product because I could get it faster on Amazon and I was feeling desperate to address the problem) with her daily/nightly supplements for the last month in an attempt to address her FFW syndrome.  While her diet has not changed, the severity of the fecal water and partially loose manure continues to wax and wane.  

I choose to give her supplements in a feed bag.  Despite regular dental work (Dr. Teskey, who I trust) she is a very sloppy eater, and it pains me to watch much of what she eats end up on the ground if I feed her in a bucket.  Putting up to 2 cups of Psyllium powder, as recommended in Dr. Kellon's article, in a mushy mash in a feed bag is just not feasible because it turns in to such a slimmy mess and sticks to the mesh of the feed bag.  Call me lazy... I would prefer to find a way not to have to feed supplements twice per day, especially when necessary for someone to sub in for me.

A couple of questions please... is the recommended amount of the Uckele Psyllium Husk powder the same for FFW syndrome at 1-2 cups per day, even tho the dosing recommendation on the bag is less... at least for sand clearing?  

Second question.... Is the KER Equishure product worth a try since I have only had limited success with the Psyllium Husk?

We are both growing weary of many repeated washings of her tail and areas underneath.  Hauling warm water from the house is not a recommended activity for my cranky hip and bad knee.  Thank you for helping me help my girl... 

Sally in Big Park, Arizona/April 2013 




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