Overlapping supplements?

Shera Felde

My mare is very slowly recovering from 7 months of laminitis. I've tried dozens of supplements. I have her on Laminox and half dose of Glycocemic EQ along with Vit E, hemp, flax, and Absorb All. Dr. Kellon balanced my hay and determined copper and zinc were needed. Neither my mare or other two will eat the copper even with Coco Soyo or sweetener. So, I just ordered Equi VM. Now I'm reading all these ingredients lists and wondering if my IR mare (with Equi VM, Glycocemic EQ, and Laminox) would be getting too much selenium, iodine, b vitamins, etc. I asked the person at Uckele and she said it was fine, but reading these lists I see a lot of overlap. I know the copper and zinc are important but I don't want to create toxicity in other things. Any suggestions?

Thank you. I am thrilled to report that Story's insulin went from over 200 to 100. I believe it was the WIRX for 4 weeks so I'm sticking with that.
Shera Felde, Central Oregon, 2020

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