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I am so grateful for this group! So much great info. 

When I got his xrays I asked the vet about the blood test and they didn’t think he had any symptoms so they advised against it. 

I am trying to figure out how to get water to soak hay.  We are remote, so it’s tricky.  

the local feed store had a product called Step Right CR ProFibre crunch.  It says it is made for horses with metabolic issues and promises lower than 10% starch/sugar.  It says I can feed it as a replacement for a portion of their hay.  

currently I am feeding Soaked and Rinsed beatpulp with salt and tumeric.  A small portion of the original hay.  A small portion of Timothy hay from down south.  I can do some math and add in this profibre.  I’m hoping this should be a good diet until I can source shipping for the compressed hay. 

next big question.  Advice for trimming?  

I have taped a foam pad to his feet.  My friend has boots, so by the end of today I should have those on him.  


Yukon, Canada
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