Re: Overlapping supplements?

Nancy C

Hi Shera

Always fun getting them to eat stuff they are not used to.

I would approach this by calculating how much total you are giving of each ingredient you are worried about, but my biggest recommendation is to work to get the balanced minerals into them.

Hope you have taken a look at the Picky Eaters Checklist.  Picky Eaters Checklist.pdf 

Also have a look at the BOSS, Flax, Hemp chart to see if you are negating the benefit of the essential fatty acid Omega 3 in flax by giving high Omega 6 hemp.

The timing for your lowered insulin may be due to seasonal rise and weather. Cold temps can raise insulin. She is young but a rise in ACTH, even just seasonal, can raise insulin. Took a look at your CH and not clear when your follow up was taken.

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