Re: New member. Sore pony

Sherry Morse

Hi Charmyn,

You have a pony with recurring laminitis so I'm not sure what other symptoms your vet was looking for before pulling blood.  It's probably a bit cold to get an accurate insulin reading right now - we recommend testing at over 50F (10C) as lower temps have been found to correlate to higher insulin numbers.  However, once you get to those temperatures at the very least I would suggest insulin, glucose and ACTH so you have baseline numbers for all of those.

The ProFibre crunch is not a suitable feed for a suspected IR pony if you don't know what his insulin and glucose levels are or if he is sensitive to alfalfa.  You can read a bit more on it at and this older message from Jaini:

In order to offer any advice on trimming we need pictures of his feet - directions on how to take the correct pictures are in the Wiki:

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