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Hilary McGregor

Thanks all who commented and shared info.

By their website, it certainly appears that Platinum Performance targets vets in their marketing, which could explain why I've had two vets recommend their products to me recently. 

Amika's current forage-based diet is balanced with AminoTrace+ (in consultation with Kathleen Gustafson). Playing around with the Mad Barn feed software (may not perfectly align with ECIR), if I were to replace AminoTrace+ with Platinum Performance (PP) Equine leaving everything else the same, it would result in a deficiency in crude protein, Lysine, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, sulfer, Vit A and Vit D. Not to mention it only provides 2.5 g biotin and no probiotics, while AT provides 20 g biotin and includes probiotics. 

With such a small amount of copper in PP (14 mg Cu per daily dose of 2 scoops or 132 g), it completely throws off the ratios:
Fe:Cu to 36 (desired range 3-10) 
Zn:Cu to 7 (desired range 3-4)
Mn:Cu to 17 (desired range 3-4).

This is not helped by the iron value: 300 mg min per daily dose of 2 scoops or 132 g. How can we trust any supplement that lists iron as a MINIMUM value??

In addition, Platinum Performance Equine calculates the number of servings by bag size as 1 scoop, despite their recommended serving for a 1000 lb horse is 2 scoops. So it looks like you get twice the servings for the price than you actually do! Seems disingenuous to me. 

To get the biotin and probiotics included in AminoTrace+, I'd have to buy not only the Platinum Performance GI (doesn't seem to be available from the Canadian warehouse - so add international shipping and customs), but also the Platinum Hoof Support.      

Have to say, I'm dismayed that vets are recommending Platinum Performance. I've emailed the company with some questions. 

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