Re: speedi beet & hay testing

Kirsten Rasmussen

HI Vicki,

Although iron is high, I don't think 1/4 cup 2x a day of Speedibeet is adding enough iron to cause a major concern if it is around 500 ppm iron.  500 ppm iron = 500 mg iron in 1 kg feed.  You could weigh out 1/4 cup of SB on a kitchen scale to see how many grams that is, but assuming it is about 100g then each 1/4 cup would be adding 50 mg iron.  It definitely adds up but if your minerals are balanced to your hay, 100 mg iron is not likely to throw off the ratios too much.  Any more than that though and I would definitely include the estimated iron content in SB in your hay balancing.

Is his hay being soaked?  Even though it is low ESC, it might not be low enough for Samson.  And are the minerals you are feeding balanced to his current hay?

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