Mild laminitis after dental

Joy V

Welp.  Willie was doing *fantastic* for about 3 months.  Everything has been dialed in, diet is tight, and he's been getting lots of walk abouts and turn outs.  Happy, sound pony.  I planned on starting light riding after his dental.

He had his dental on Monday, 1/18, in the morning, and was mildly lame on all 4 by 3:30 pm that afternoon.  Sedation used was "det 10mg + torb 5mg + ace 5mg IV" ,<--- from the vet notes I received.  No heat in the hooves, but light pulse in the backs.  I booted him on all four and dumped a big shavings pile in his paddock.  I did not give him anything for pain besides his normal CBD that day.  Game cam in his paddock shows him periodically standing in the shavings pile overnight (about every 2 hours, for 20 to 30 minutes each time) as well as sleeping in the pile.  Sleeping in the pile for an hour or two is normal for him.

He was still uncomfortable the next day (Tuesday the 19th) so I emailed my vet but he did not respond until yesterday AM and I couldn't go the barn again until the afternoon.  Vet recommended Banamine, 500 lb dose (1/2 dose), 2x per day for 2 days.  I did dose Willie yesterday evening but not this morning.  And I only dosed him because I believe his jaw is sore from the speculum (he's got TMJ) and he did quid a few mouthfuls both previous nights.  Because he is on CBD so I'm worried about using an additional NSAID on him.  I also don't think Banamine will help his laminitis, is that correct?  

My questions are, what can I do additionally to help him to be comfortable?  Is there anything I can do to help him recover more quickly?  Should I go ahead and dose him w/ the Banamine when I go back this afternoon? 

Next dental I will follow my hoof care professional's advice (demand) to use a dentist who does not sedate and uses hand tools.  (you can say I told you so Pamela). 

This morning he was much brighter than the past two mornings, and much more himself.  He did eat, drink, poop and urinate normally this whole time.  Case history is updated. 

Joy and Willie (PPID/IR)
Nevada County, CA - 2019

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