Re: Do PPID horses get constipated or is this age related gut issues or sand colic?


On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 04:40 PM, Stepht wrote:
I am wondering about daily psyllium because I read Dr. Kellon's Horse Sense blog about digestive issues in senior horses where she says that adding psyllium to every meal is helpful for swallowing and is also a prebiotic. Article here:   I was thinking that once I did a 7 day "purge" with psyllium that there may be a smaller maintenance/preventative dose given on a daily basis that older horses would benefit from
Hi, Stephanie. 
Does Katie have chewing problems? Colic vs difficulty chewing are different applications for psyllium. Dr Kellon's article addresses the older horse with chewing and swallowing issues. I read your long case history and see she's been on ODTBC for a long time. I don't see a current ACTH for Katie. Uncontrolled ACTH can cause muscle wasting, and that muscle wasting can cause diminished ability to chew. If she were mine, I'd want to know if her PPID is under control.

I have to leave the problem of eating shavings to others because I don't know much about it except it suggests she might not be getting enough chew time. I do all my feeding in 40 gallon Tuff Stuff bins to keep feed off the ground

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