Re: Metformin-When do you figure out if enough is enough.


Hi Kandace,
I still have stains on multiple barn shirts from cocosoya oil I used as a carrier for Finn and Elliott. I even had a huge flare up of carpal tunnel from grinding so many pills. I was kind of happy when it stopped working but I did know that it was likely that my vet would get on board with prescribing Invokana.  Teeny was happy to eat her metformin in her hay soup and it did continue to work for her right up to her end but I know that is not what typically happens. Is your vet willing to try invokana if the metformin stops working?  I remember scheduling bloodwork to prove to my vet that it wasn’t working.  I was kind of  hoping it had stopped so we could be done with metformin.  After a few months on invokana my metformin days seem so long ago.  

Terri Jennings with Teeny, Finn and Elliott
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