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Joy, you're right that banamine isn't going help Willie's laminitis, and I suspect that it may counter the beneficial effects of the cannabis, or that's the theory with humans. One thing that comes to mind is that Willie's EMS and PPID aren't well-controlled. As a result, the insulin spike following sedation might have had a greater effect. Another possibility is that Willie's EMS and PPID weren't well-controlled during the seasonal rise and you're seeing the delayed effects independent of the dental float. This happened to me a couple of times, with a higher ACTH in January than in late October. Very frustrating. I note that you're using Loomis Vet's diagnostics, and the assay used for PPID is different from the one used by Cornell. It might be time to get comparable blood work results from Cornell. I once sent blood samples to both UCDavis and to Cornell from the same blood draw. Results were within the normal range at UCDavis, outside the reference range for ACTH at Cornell.

My experience with dental floats doesn't match the generalizations. Not doing dentals because of the pandemic lead one of my mares to have lacerations inside her cheeks from lack of care. I know Dr Kellon advocates a sedation-free float with hand tools, but my experience with a skilled equine dentist has been excellent since 2013. She uses minimal sedation with power tools. I've never had a horse bleed or have a sore mouth for a minute after a float. My mares are ready for the next meal. The veterinarian who administers sedation uses less sedation on my 1150 pound Paint (an admitted light-weight) than poor Willie had. She supports the horse's head while the horse has the speculum in its mouth, and she releases the speculum at least twice during the float, which takes 15 - 20 minutes total for each horse. Most of the time is spent staging. Skill and finesse go a long way. My three EMS mares never had adverse reactions to sedation, but it's done with a light touch. 

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