Re: Mild laminitis after dental


On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 05:13 AM, Joy V wrote:
I will ask my vet for 2 separate samples so 1 set can be sent to Davis.  He is resistant to sending them there, but I'm sure he will if I pay for it ...  
Hi, Joy.
I'm running but I want to clarify what I'm suggesting about testing Willie's metabolic status. 

I suggest you have complete blood work sent to Cornell, not to Davis. The only way to do it that makes sense is to get your vet and his staff to follow the directions on to the letter. Otherwise you will be wasting your money. Hormone testing is fiddly and easy to mess up.
I'm glad to hear Boxcar Willie is better each day. Love his name. Makes me want to learn the jitterbug.
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