Re: Concern over hoof Bulge

Maxine McArthur

Hi Deb
Sherry has pointed out a couple of things in his diet that might need tweaking. I had a couple more thoughts.
In your case history you have him on 5kg of soaked hay plus 250g each of maxisoy and speedibeet, right? Is he a normal weight on this (no fat pads, ribs palpable) and holding his weight? If his ideal weight is 450kg then, as Sherry says, he can have 9kg per day. So he should be getting more hay. If he puts on too much weight with more hay, you could reduce the maxisoy and beet. I’ve found with my easy keeper that sticking to the hay rather than the super fibres keeps her in slimmer condition—plus hay is more chew time. 

Do you have any idea what kind of grass your hay is? My concern if you use mostly soaked hay with no analysis would be that the protein levels may be low, especially for a heavily muscled breed. Pretty sure Carol does an amino acid mix that is safe, which could help that. 

The bulge sounds like a possible abscess to me, too. Is it soft/hot? Does he react if you press it?  


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