Re: Overlapping supplements?


Hello Nancy,

Crackers has been on a dosage of 5mg compounded pergolide since October 2019 when his insulin started creeping up.  I'm not sure what the concern is about the glucose though.  He routinely varies in the 70's and 80's going back to 2011.  While on metformin it peaked at 138 which I thought would be of more concern.  His insulin readings were in excess of 200 when the temps were 50 to 75 degrees.  His most recent at 50 degrees F was an insulin of 27.72 which is lower than the previous reading taken at 64 degrees F with an insulin of 44.88.  What I see with his latest test results is an overall lowering of all numbers.  I realize that he still comes up as IR uncompensated using the calculator but I have read on this group that some horses (especially mini's) are sometimes always this way.  His numbers are not that far off from obtaining the holy grail of IR compensated.  His next tests will be in February - typically the coldest temps here.  Also, I don't know if the iron overload comment applies to me but I did have Crackers tested in accordance with the group protocol and Dr. Kellon confirmed he is not overloaded. 

I will of course post his next results and update my case history. My fingers are crossed for results similar to October 2020.

Thank you for taking the time to review my case history and providing comments.
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