Here I go again, more confusion with Des

Bobbie Day

Dr. K and all, I have not seen any improvement so far with the additional DC, and rubbing her knee with just about all the suggestions. Today, I took her boots off just in case that was causing her reluctance to move, I have not been able to catch her trying to get off her pad and I wasn’t going to force her.
Anyway, after I took her boots off she immediately laid down, we’ve been taking her water and putting her hay in a net (she’s reluctant to even put her head down), so we had to force her up to put everything back on (big storm next four days) and she could hardly move, she had to be pulled and she had a laminitic stance, walked with her front legs stretched out in front of her not like it was a hobble or a bad knee. I do not know what to think now, last time I thought it was her feet we had her blocked and it turned out to be her knee. I was hoping to test her in spring but I think rather than spend the money that’s tight on blocking it would be a better investment to test now.
Her diet is tight however I’ve read more and more members are struggling with the same thing. My long winded question is would it hurt to up her to a full dose to see if that helps Dr. K ? I just don’t know what else I can do for her? And is it safe for me to continue the DC? I know I can’t give the j herb with it, can I start on alcar instead? Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions again, I’m in a desperate situation.  

And I know this is a stupid question but considering all the changes in the environment do you think the rise could be changing too? Would that even be a factor? Just seems like a lot of members are going through the same thing, I’m just wondering if it’s coincidence? I know that sounds silly but it’s been on my mind .
Thank you everyone, all suggestions welcome of course 😞.

Bobbie and Desi
NRC Plus March 2020
Utah, Nov 2018

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