Metabolic test results back; seeking interpretation of results. #file-notice

Laura and Ero

Good evening. I received Ero's metabolic test results back and would love help interpreting these numbers and any action steps. I included the report from Cornell in my CH folder and I updated the numbers on his CH form (along with recording his recent injuries). 

- I'm not certain if I filled in the CH "Lab Normals" section accurately as that language wasn't on the report.
- The leptin score says "pending" but I received a voicemail from my vet who said it came back "high". I'm not surprised as Ero is ALWAYS hungry and can get angry when he's not eating, and pushy when there's food in sight.
- Overall, vet was "okay" with the numbers, but said to watch his weight as he's "EMS and could develop PPID based on ACTH numbers". 
- In the past two months, I've transitioned his diet and hoof care. Both are on track, although is hooves are surprisingly not nice and tight looking. Any additional diet changes I should be making? I took photos from his trim last night and will post to his album. 
- He's recovering from an injury so movement has been minimal for the past three weeks. Vet gave the okay to start tack/hand walking this week. 
- He's extremely tight over his SI, hips and hamstrings and is short-strided behind. He externally rotates/twists his right-hind leg out and wears down his lateral hoof wall. Vet gave him a 1 out of 5 on lameness eval (RH), and said to exercise over poles and back-up, to strengthen. My barefoot trimmer suggested an osteopath first. 

Everything I'm learning here has been immensely helpful, but I feel we're not out of the woods just yet. Any advice on what to do from here would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!
Laura and Ero

October 2020 | Colgate, WI USA 

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