Re: Concern over hoof Bulge


He has ad lib hay and I have no way of weighing it so that was only a guess. He gets 250g of maxisoy once per day with his mineral supplements. He seems to maintaining his weight and always has hay left in his nets. I will stop using the MSM. My trimmer suggested it as an anti-inflammatory. I have stopped feeding the lecithin now as I was only feeding to ensure he didn't get any ulcers either from the bute he was on and from the couple of days he stopped eating.

Re the bulge. I'm not so sure it is an abscess as it extends down the hoof for the full depth of the new growth which is about 15mm and it probably bulges out I'm guessing 5 - 10mm. Hoof doesn't seem hot. All the new growth seems a bit soft so I'm not sure that this area is any different. Should I soak just that hoof in epsom salts to try and draw it out or just leave it? 

I really need to get his trim sorted as I really would like to start doing some hand walking. Hoping Lavinia can give me some guidelines soon.. Thank you all for your feedback
Debbie Rainbow
Western Australia

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