Re: What test for Cody, 2nd try

Maxine McArthur

Hi Sherry
One of the more experienced moderators may have more to say, but we usually suggest doing the baseline (endogenous) ACTH for a horse that is diagnosed and medicated, as you are monitoring how he is responding to the medication, not trying to work out if he has the disease or not. 

Your case history mentions that he has lost a bit of weight lately, which is often (although not always) a sign that the ACTH level is creeping up. If his bloodwork indicates he needs more pergolide, you may find that increasing the meds helps him put the weight on again. If the bloodwork is normal, you could consider increasing his beet pulp perhaps? Has there been any change in his hay lately that might be linked to the FFW? What is in the calf manna that he's been having since 23 Dec? 

Nice work on getting your folders organised, btw!
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