Re: WAS: Metabolic test results back; seeking interpretation of results. / NOW: Kandace - to soak or not to soak hay

Lorna Cane

Hi Kandace,

Ranting and crying go with the territory, I'm sorry to say.
Hang on.

I went to your CH because ,especially at this point in the nightmare,I wanted to see if there were areas that could be fine-tuned.
But I'm having trouble getting an accurate/current picture, based on what your messages have said....could be me.
Not sure how much hay she is getting,for example. And wonder if she is getting loose , iodized salt? And flax?
Not sure of her pergolide dose ? With 151 pg/ml results at this time of year I would be zeroing in on this big time,if she were mine.
And boots? Shoes? What is the current situation here?
I have more questions,but wonder, if it is not just me, if you could find a minute to update any details that need updating?

Especially when things are so difficult, it's been my experience (having had 7 IR/PPID boys) that getting every detail totally nailed down is so beneficial.
Every penny counts,so it is trés important to be sure to feed only what is known to help. The years and years of on-the-ground experiences of this group are a valuable go-to for this info.
This also applies, of course, to what is being looked at in the hoof area. 
And environmental area.Temperature can be a huge factor.
Even the tiniest detail, seemingly unimportant at first glance, can make a world of difference wrt the horse's quality of life,and therefore the owner's.....not to mention the financial savings, coming from getting value from everything that goes down the hatch.So to speak.

Sorry.Off soap box.
I just remember being in the same place you are now years ago ( the room is nodding), and what a miserable place that is to be. Wanting to help pay forward what I have been taught here.


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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