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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Marsha,

No, you haven't missed anything. Please take a moment to breathe - remembering to exhale. Winter can be the hardest time to get these things under control due to the colder temps adding to the problems.

I did take a look at the photos and am finding them to be somewhat confusing - sorry about that. I believe some of them are mislabeled with regards to front/hind and L/R. I did relabel some, and also the rads, to make it a bit less confusing.

Per the radiographs from Dec 2020, there was a slight amount of bony column rotation with ski tips developing, which says this isn't a new issue. Definite capsular rotation (a trim issue), toes out ahead of where they needed to be, thin soles, sinking. Definitely seen a lot worse examples of all of this and per the rads, this was totally fixable with the correct trim adjustments and with getting the underlying cause of the laminitis removed. No reason to believe he can't come back from this.

The toes still need to come back more on the fronts, the hinds are in much better shape in that regard. Heels are underrun on all four, worse on the fronts. Need to make sure that the soles do NOT get touched at all during trims until there is more depth there. Also need to be careful not to lower the vertical height of the hoof capsules, esp. on the fronts, as there is more of the bony column within  than in a healthy individual. The coronets are reacting to being in boots and remaining more moist, hence the white/flakiness. His willingness to move around a bit more is a positive sign. Rocking back and forth is a sign he is uncomfortable, so is shifting his weight from foot-to-foot, front-to-back. His hind end is likely sore and tight from taking more of his weight than it is accustomed to. Massage will help, along with getting the diet tight and needed meds on board to get the insulin under control.

If the boots he is in are the Soft Rides, with one of their inserts, you need to cut off the frog support part of the pad, then trim the pads so they are flat rather than a wedge.

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