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Kandace Krause

Sherry thank you,
Before the laminitis found us EMS and PPID, both horses had cubes, Timothy Alfalfa but "K" only a bit (as with everything but hay) because when she did an Endurance or Competitive Trail Ride she would be offered the higher value feeds, just pre ride and a day or two after while in rest.  And feed changes always upset her, so to keep them not to be changes, I just gave her small portions all the time.  Then nothing was new.

If we ever get back to those rides, I see I am only to offer for one hour post workout but I am leary of everything because of flare ups.  As I have read more, I see I am not alone, which brings me to the next point, soaking, the one hay that is a bit higher ESC+starch is mixed in with the other two, so fed at less than 1/3 of forage ration per day.
I think what you and Kirsten are saying to me is, if she flares again, go back to soaking (or just take it out of hay mix completely) and stay with less than 7%.  I have a lot of this hay to use, and can easily go back to soaking it when weather warms back up.  Because we don't know why she flared up, is there a time in a diet change that this may show, like two days after change in diet the horse goes laminitic, or two weeks after, or two months?  I am now introducing changes one at a time, but if I had a better idea of how long each change should be allowed to readapt?
Kandace K Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2

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