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I have a report on PEA.  I started PEA-um in December for both me and my horse Abby.  Abby has had a vet diagnosis of having arthritis in her left rear stifle joint.  She has increasingly gotten worse about holding her left foot up for the farrier for any length of time.  I've had her on both Phyto-Quench and Mov-ease for over a year.  At first Phyto-Quench did help, but after a while, it didn't seem to help as much, not sure if Mov-Ease helps or not, but I'm scared to quit either one right now.  Prior to starting PEA, when trying to pick up her left rear foot, Abby would hold her leg clear up to her stomach for a good 5 seconds before relaxing it enough for you to clean it or put it on your knee.  During a trim prior to starting PEA, Abby snatched her foot from the farrier to put it down quickly.  That had never happened before and he felt she was worse.  I started PEA in December at 3000mg twice a day, morning and evening.  Three and a half weeks into feeding her the PEA, she had her feet trimmed again.  That trim was much better.  She picked her left rear leg up for the farrier, held it up for just a couple of seconds and then let him put it on his knee and left it there until he was finished trimming that foot.  No snatching it back.  When he let go of her foot, she did hold it up for a couple of seconds and then put it down.  I have noticed she is more acceptable to me picking up her hind feet than she was before.  So my farrier and I think it is helping her so far.  She seems to want to move more when out in pasture than she did before also.  I've kept her on 2400mg in the morning and still 3000mg at evening feeding.  We are about 6 1/2 weeks into using PEA-um.  As for me, I didn't feel much of a difference other than I've noticed I am able to not take as many NSAIDS as I was prior to starting the PEA.  I thought it might help with any arthritis in my back.  I don't know if it is or not.  No dramatic change in pain, but maybe more bearable?.  I am taking 600mg twice a day. 
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