Re: Metformin-When do you figure out if enough is enough.

Lorna Cane

Kandace,what taste tempters have you used to get her bucket food into her?
And have you mixed them into mixture, or sprinkled them on top?

Years ago, Patti K.,one of our long-time members, told of us of something that she tried once because she was in a rush to get to work.She just topped the bucket feed with the minerals needed,instead of mixing them in. To her surprise (and delight) buckets were empty when she got home.
I've had success with that,too. My theory is that they get the minerals plus mush in first mouthful,and it goes down, making the rest of the bucket unadulterated,so to speak. Dunno.
But it's also a way ,with taste tempters, to get the mixture eaten.Just sprinkled on top.And not necessarily a lot. I've used wheat bran for this ,sometimes.
Wheat bran is not recommended. But I was desperate,and  used everso little .Just a whiff really. It meant that the rest of the bucket got eaten.


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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