Eleanor Kellon, VMD


Thank you for the report. Her reaction during trimming before you started the PEA also sound like Stringhalt or Shivers (were her muscles quivering?). That would make sense too since these are neurological issues. More  voluntary movement is a good indicator of reduced  discomfort.

I agree with your experience with back pain. Radiculopathy symptoms of shooting pain, tingling and numbness are greatly reduced but it doesn't seem to do much for muscle spasm. I also had a problem with "frozen shoulders" and reduced range of motion but that has completely disappeared.

My old dog has a bad hip and probably spinal issues as well that were controlled well on high dose MSM - until they weren't when the really cold weather set in. She was limping badly, slow and stiff all over, very resistant to getting up. She was dramatically better within 24 hours and by 3 days moving better than she has in years.

It remains to be seen if it can be of much use for acute laminitis  but should be helpful with longstanding laminitis pain.
Eleanor in PA 
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