Re: NEW MEMBER - urgent advice needed for IR pony in constant pain

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Hi Jenny,


D = Diagnosis

He clearly has severe EMS. I don't see any convincing evidence of PPID but even the normal seasonal rise can be a problem for horses with elevated insulin and I suspect that is the case here.

D = Diet and Medications/Supplements

You're off to a good start but would definitely avoid alfalfa and ryegrass. Hard to tell without hay analysis but you may not be able to get good control without medication. Exercise is the most efficient way to control insulin but obviously not an option when you have hoof pain. To  make some decisions here you need to start with hay analysis. can handle submitting the same for you and in the meantime I would use their Laminae-Plus Balancer. Get off the Danilon. It doesn't help and can hurt in more ways than one. Switch to Jiaogulan ASAP .

T = Trim

 Your trim isn't horrible - we've seen much worse - but there is room for improvement.  Repeat radiographs if in the budget are always helpful but it's safe to assume your horse needs pads, boots and boots adjusted to best breakover to get the most benefit.
Eleanor in PA 
EC Owner 2001

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