Re: excess protein and insulin resistance

Eleanor Kellon, VMD


Insulin facilitates amino acid uptake by muscle for protein synthesis and it is known that certain amino acids can trigger an insulin release. There is also some research showing very high protein intakes can increase insulin but none of these are of the same magnitude as a load of sugar/starch. What we don't have a good knowledge of is how much protein is too much for an EMS horse, in terms of hay % or an individual meal.

That said, higher protein intake won't cause weight gain. Protein is very inefficiently converted to fat. Weight gain is an issue of too much food in general, not too much protein.

It's true that the carbon skeletons of some amino acids can be converted to glucose in the liver. However, that glucose remains in the liver to be released, converted to glycogen or converted to fat. It will not be released into the blood stream unless there is a message from the hormone glucagon that blood glucose is too low.
Eleanor in PA 
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