Re: NEW MEMBER - urgent advice needed for IR pony in constant pain


Thanks Eleanor and Kirsten. He is now on the Forage Plus Laminae Plus balancer and also jiaogulan (2g per day). He is also on a herbal Devil’s Claw, meadowsweet and white poplar bark liquid supplement to see if it helps at all with his pain levels and I will begin weaning him off the Danilon.  I will update my case history. He also had his feet trimmed again a couple of days ago so I have some more photos to add to my photo album. 

I’ve gone onto Forage Plus’s website and have paid for nutritional hay analysis. I was wondering if I ought to order 2 tests so I can soak some hay for one hour and dry it and then get that tested too just to see what the results are after an hour’s soak?

I am planning on changing my vet to someone cheaper (but who seems a lot more interested in Dewi’s problems), so that will help a bit with affording more x-rays. Should I be considering Invokana, and if so, would you mind sharing the information about it for me to send to my vet if I give you my email address? 

When you say about boots adjusted to best beak over, do you mean rasping the actual boots? 

Thanks very much.


Jenny Comish
England, UK
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