Re: excess protein and insulin resistance

Leah Bartel

Thanks for your thorough response Dr. Kellon. Are the studies showing very high protein increasing insulin in humans or horses? Do you have a link? I'd like to read more about the details.

It's unfortunate that we don't have any data for how much protein is too much for an EMS horse, but I will experiment with Scooter and see if solely decreasing her hay   to the 12.14 kg / day (maintenance for her ideal BW) will help her lose the excess weight she has put on and if it will reduce the size of her cresty neck and fatty tailhead. I'll report back with my findings. Hopefully that will lessen her IR symptoms, otherwise I will have a lot of leftover hay that I will have to feed out despite the protein contributing to her IR. 

Is there a point at which the liver cannot contain any more glucose? Is glucagon regulated normally in an IR horse? 
Thanks for indulging my curiosities!


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