Re: Thyroid, abnormal shedding, was Invokana and Vinnie update


Definitely get your vet involved, as always and especially if Vinnie has a history of reacting to deworming! You two know him best. It's always wise to start medication on a Monday so you don't have an emergency over the weekend. Use special care to confirm current weight before dosing. 

Dr Kellon's protocol, appropriate for a horse with an unknown deworming history, is to start with ivermectin paste wormer and give a regular doses for his weight 3 weeks apart - so on Day 1 and on Day 21, a dose of ivermectin. The goal is to reduce parasite load gently and gradually. Then after another 3 weeks, on Day 42, give the coup de grace, a third regular dose for his weight. I choose moxidectin for the third dose to clean up encysted small strongyles. This grouping should address small and large strongyles, encysted small strongyles, bots and immature neck threadworms. If neck threadworms are an issue in your area and for Vinnie, you may see the oozy little lesions anywhere from the forelock to the middle of his mane and sometimes down the chest as the immature forms die off. This is not dangerous. 

Meanwhile, you can order up a supply of StrongidC 2X. You can wait until after you've finished the 3 doses-three-weeks-apart deworming to assure yourself Vinnie is fine. Then you'll dose StrongidC 2X by his weight and feed daily for 30 days. I top dress supplements. It's very palatable. This final course of dewormer should address tape worms. 

Talk to your vet about following up with a regular year-long deworming program. I personally ramp up deworming in late winter and spring because that's when the midges are out, and both my mares get itchy oozy spots from reacting to neck threadworm. By June, it's hot and dry enough that we don't get midges. The annual schedule in the delta may be different. I time our annual schedule to avoid deworming in our hot dry months, July through October.

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