Re: Mare swollen like a balloon


Thanks! No one here carries the Timothy Balance Cubes. I can order them, but she said it would take at least 1 week to get them in - maybe longer due to COVID delays and bad weather (it snowed a ton and it's frigid cold, of course). In the meantime, should I try to drain the Teff pellets? I can't soak hay at this time for multiple logistical reasons - it's just not feasible as I am doing this all myself along with a full time job and she isn't a popular pet in our household so no one else is interested in helping. I can maybe take the Teff pellets back and trade them for Timothy? If that's better I can do that. She was on Timothy pellets and wasn't doing well so I switched to the Teff. She's marginally better, but I suppose I can go back to the Timothy and see. 

My vet only did the ATCH test. I would love to get her off the Bute as she hates it anyway and tries to spit it out. The vet did start her on a 1/2 tablet of Pergolide. It's taken a few days for me to get it into her. I am now dissolving it in a small vial of water and squirting it into her mouth. She is a terrible patient.

I will try to get a case history if I can figure it out.

Cyd F Colorado 2021

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