Initial Case History Posted


Hello, I just uploaded a very incomplete case history. I'll try to fill in the blanks and update this later this week. Basically, KInzu had a brief episode of laminitis in thew spring. His bloodwork showed insulin resistance and although the lameness resolved quickly the physical signs - cresty neck, fat pads, were not resolving. He was started on low-dose metformin, still didn't change clinically, so the metformin was increased. In November he moved to his winter barn and was fine for the first five weeks, but became lame after a delayed trim. (The hay and pasture is also different but he goes there every year for 6 months.) Unlike this time, although he has improved somewhat his gait is still awkward. For the past three weeks we've had freezing temperatures and 20 inches of snow on the ground, making things like soaking hay and wearing boots difficult if not impossible. He does have free hay during the day because he's out with another horse - it's not my barn and we're manipulating things as best we can. (I'm working on changing this, but there are limitations at the barn.) He'll be x-rayed again next week and trimmed the following. He is barefoot; I've been told glue on shoes might be a help. He's a fussy eater and very syringe-phobic so finding supplements he'll eat and making sure he gets his prescribed meds has been incredibly challenging. (Although I'm not at all sure the meds are helping - I think he's actually gaining a little weight even on Thyro-L becaasue he's getting virtually no exercise.) After the spring, I thought we had things under control. Clearly, this is not the case and I'm feeling very overwhelmed. 
Pam W in NY 2021

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