Re: Timothy Balanced Cubes

Sandra Draibye

Thanks Dr. Kellon.  I think you are saying that if the hay has over 90 ppm of manganese - none will be added.  But why twice as much iron and manganese in the low sugar forage cubes?   Just the hay that happened to test lowest in sugar?

Maybe Ontario dehy can answer this question.  I thought maybe they were using higher nitrogen to keep the sugar low - which according to the forage expert at WSU will lower ph and increase iron - but usually nitrogen would increase the protein as well and the balanced cubes are actually lower in protein.  Because I grow my own hay I am very interested in things that increase iron and sugar.  I recently saw a Washington State farmer's hay go from 128 ppm iron in 2nd cut to over 560 ppm in third cut.   Both low sugar hays - but the third cut lower.
Sandra on Vancouver Island, B.C.
December 2018

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