Re: How can I tell if my Orchard has fescue

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Sherry, thanks.. also can Yellow foxtail cause toxicity?  I found most studies that just say the seed head is an issue but found one that said it can cause toxic response if ingested in enough quantities?

The dealer didn't know,  grower didn't know what field it came from blah blah... and since I bought 60 bales of this stuff, I just asked her to find me some clean low sugar orchard.  Trying to support their small business you know.. 

Vinnie is in a.mild laminitis and so now trying to figure if this was hay related( increased the amts of this hay right before he got sore ) or related to stopping prascend a month ago to do the trh stim...

I think i am erring on the side of caution and titrating up on prascend again.
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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