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Oh good, glad it wasn't my group :)
Very interesting information, especially on ground flax vs. flax meal.

I missed one of those replies and I think the thread's been deleted (possibly because the question had been asked before, so thanks for the tidy up, Admin!)

I will check out the rest. Sorry about my poor forum etiquette not replying.

Sherry, I haven't tested Stormy for IR or PPID. Since starting my iron journey she has held weight well, her general condition (coat, eye, muscles, top line) has improved, and she seems happy too. Last week she'd just got over an abscess (last of the poor white line quality growing down & a bit of grit had tracked up in there) and I fed her a scoop of a grain based food- doh- that caused her eye to flare up and I guess she was a bit compromised from the abscess too (which my UK trained farrier helped me with). Her right eye and the skin sensitivity settled overnight with the addition of some extra Vitamin E and 75ml flax oil. 
My last horse (rest his soul) was on the IR side in terms of symptoms- he gained weight easily, I wasn't onto the iron and balanced minerals when I had him. I built a large track on my property and the horses really benefit from all that movement. It isn't grass free because it doesn't need to be, they get lots of hay :) My IR horse died last year with colic and had some large inoperable melanomas too that were affecting his quality of life :(. He was grey and only 16 :( I now wonder if iron was a factor, but you live and learn and my two current horses are looking well, Love the ones that are here, ay.

I will keep a close watch on that IR/ PPID suggestion and hopefully it's ok if I lurk around this forum to goal is to prevent IR issues with a healthy lifestyle (movement), the right feed & balanced minerals. 

Aroha x

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