Re: New Hay - results. Does his current diet align to this new hay well enough?


Hi, Laura.
We're all uncertain and confused at first, but when it comes to balancing, I promise you will learn by practicing. Join the NRCPlus Grads group and ask for help. Also, keep working down the list of balancers and mention you want to learn to balance for yourself.

On feeding mineral supplements, I don't see in your CH what you're using as a carrier for your minerals. Most of us use about half a pound of a safe carrier like RSR beet pulp, ODTBC or Nuzu Stabul1 or a mixture of them. You'll find a list of safe feeds in Files, here:     No need to feed a paste. You can soften the ODTC with a little water, warm water if you have it, so they fluff up. Mix in minerals dry and add just enough water to settle the dust, or your horse's preference. I use 225 grams ODTBC, dampened to fluff plus ½-1 cup Nuzu. You don't need the Nuzu with all horses, but mine prefer just a little inducement.
As for ground flax, Ero is a big fella. He needs at least 4 ounces by volume of ground flax. I feed 100 grams per day to my 1150 lb horse who isn't overweight. That is roughly one hard-packed 1 cup measure.

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