Re: Testing for high Iron


Blood letting (venesection) reduces blood supply in an effort to reduce iron in an effort to reduce iron overload in an effort to improve liver function in an effort to reduce insulin resistance. Reducing insulin is steps removed from blood letting.

You can start your research in Files. The first covers relevant studies in humans:,%20Iron%20Testing,%20Iron%20Overload/Iron%20and%20Insulin%20Resistance.pdf
More on venesection.,%20Iron%20Testing,%20Iron%20Overload/Iron%20and%20IR%20-%20Iron%20Depletion%20Therapy.pdf

The FIRST step is getting a complete iron workup from KSU and confirming that it indicates iron overload.,%20Iron%20Testing,%20Iron%20Overload/KSU%20Iron%20Submission%20Information.pdf 
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