Re: Bloodwork, PPID, EMS Invokana and Pergolide

Nancy Kitchen

Just adding my two cents worth from our history, my horse seems to be sore when off the Prascend altho his blood work indicates that he is not PPID.  I did not have the stim test done but I have chosen to leave him on the .50 mg of Prascend.  The convincing factor was Alicia Harlov's podcast with Dr Debra Taylor titled Not All Laminitis is Created Equal.  It is well worth the listen for anyone dealing with laminitis.  She describes a horse she treated for multiple bouts of laminitis with no known cause...  upon necropsy they found a pituitary tumor indicating PPID but yet his tests never showed any trace of PPID.
Altho my horse's insulin is up right now, and I am working diligently to get it down, he is on Invokana and Prascend and very comfortable in Clouds...
I hope that helps you in some small way....  
Nancy K
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