Re: New Hay - results. Does his current diet align to this new hay well enough?

Laura and Ero

Thanks everyone! I've signed up for the Grad course and also the March NRC+ (to audit) again. Take 2 (or 3 ...)

@Martha/Lorna - I've also reached out to Dr. K to see if she has advice or adjustments from her first recommendation. Good to know about Uckele as well. I've purchased several products from them (per Dr K) so maybe that's another avenue to try for now. Thanks!

@Cass: Noted on ground flax - can increase him to a cup again. I was initially weighing every serving, but felt that I got it down to a 1/2 or 1 cup (for ease of prepping). I'll revisit this again as well. It's listed above and on my CH (page 4) that he's already eating 1/2 C Stabul 1 (although it's barely noticeable with all of the powder.) Frankly, Ero doesn't seem to need a carrier and I'm really trying to stay diligent about his weight/extra calories. High leptin and he will eat pretty much anything (except moldy hay, thankfully). It's just A LOT of powder. I board and prep his food, but I'm not there to feed in person. :/

Out of curiosity, advice or a link on where to purchase soy hull pellets should I need something in the future?

Appreciate the fast feedback everyone. 

Laura and Ero

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