Re: Bloodwork, PPID, EMS Invokana and Pergolide

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

I am hoping maybe someone can shed some thoughts on why before we started invokana that his insulin jumped so high to 198.37, but acth 20.2 making be thubk that it wasn't the acth causing the insulin rise.

I have listened to 3 different podcasts to try and understand the mechanisms that cause insulin rise, and this is important to me because I want to prevent any more set backs.

Are there other hormones in geldings that can cause insulin to rise? I was looking back at pictures and only of u knew then what inknow now... even 8 years ago Vinnie fit the Ems model to a T.. added an image to my folder. 

I am also going to test iron on the next bloodwork we do.  
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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