Bloodwork drawn once yearly?

Patricia Evans

Hi all,
I know it's best to draw bloodwork a minimum of twice yearly, but financial challenges are making life difficult for me as well as everyone. My particular problem is when to draw bloodwork if I can only afford to do it once a year? It was last drawn in September of 2020 (and no, my case histories are not up to date :( , sorry). I know I should have drawn labs on my three PPID horses already this year, but so far I have not been able to get it done. The vet charges me $485 for ACTH and insulin plus a farm fee, and right now it's not within my reach. All three are doing well, but I did need to put Dancer on metformin to get her insulin down last year. The repeat blood draw showed that her insulin did respond well, but no other labs have been drawn since then. 6/15/20 her insulin was 62.72 and after almost 3 months on metformin it was down to 40.80. She is now off it, but it seemed to be a big deal to my vet to get the prescription, since her insulin wasn't in the 100's. Since she has had laminitis twice in her life, I was able to finally talk the vet into giving it to me. 

I did look in the files and messages, but could not find anything about once yearly bloodwork timing. Any answers are much appreciated!


North central Florida

July 7 2018


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