Re: Dewi - latest blood test results - high resting insulin - what to do next?


Thank you all so much for your massively helpful responses. It is such a comfort having this group - I finally feel I am starting to make small steps in seeing if there is light at the end of the tunnel for Dewi. And the vet I’m using seems much more motivated to try to help Dewi than my last vet practice who had no interest in taking more bloods and made no further suggestions for what could be done for him. 

My vet is not sure he sees much benefit in following the advice from Liphook to take blood after a 2 hour fast and then a 6 hour fast. He has said he will call Andy Durham at Liphook on Monday to discuss it. But of course my vet thinks I had already fasted! But in a sense Dewi had blood taken after a 2 hour fast due to slowness of vet so the 6 hour fast would be the only thing that had not been done.

Dr Kellon - thank you for confirming that you think my blood tests are ok to be counted as non-fasting. I imagine it was less than 2 hours before I arrived that Dewi had run out of hay as usually he does have a little left and I was a bit late that morning. Do you think Liphook’s advice is worth following with the 6 hr fast? The way I see it Dewi has a massive problem and his insulin is going to be abnormal no matter what test we do.  But would appreciate your thoughts on this.

My vet agrees Metformin in worth another go. But if it only works short term it’s where I go from there?

I got my hay analysis results back today - ESC is 6.3%, starch is 1.60%, WSC 14.5%. Protein is better than past hay - 9.10%. Do you think it could be worth me sending another hay sample off for analysis that has been soaked for an hour to see how much it brings down the ESC? I was just thinking that maybe 7.9% combined ESC and starch could be borderline for Dewi? But I already always soak it for a min of one hour before feeding. 

Thanks for the advice on diet Sherry. I find it so hard cutting his hay ration as I hate to think of him stood for long periods with no food. But if you think it could further help his insulin I will do it. I can feel his ribs easily.  But my vet still thinks losing a bit more weight would be helpful. I will do anything to get him out of this mess! 

As regards his ACTH, my vet agrees this is elevated. I do wonder if past samples have not been handled correctly by my previous vet.... My new vet has suggested I put Dewi on a product called Equilife Vitex. But I’ve looked up chasteberry on here and it doesn’t sound like it will do much for Dewi as I have only read that it helps with shedding and Dewi doesn’t have an issue with that. And thanks for the tip about trying pergolide before the seasonal rise. 

Dr Kellon - do you think Dewi ought to be on pergolide now? Also would it be possible to send me/my vet information on Invokana? If so, my email address is jenny.comish@...

And as for the x-rays, I’m still waiting on those - my vet has been busy lambing and calving all week. Bit frustrating as I want to get them on here. But I am VERY lucky as Sarah Braithwaite from Forage Plus has offered to come and take a look at Dewi’s feet next Wednesday for me. We’ve been corresponding about Dewi for sometime. I’m not local to Sarah but she is making a special trip 😊.

Once again, thank you all so much for the huge support. It’s heart warming to think there are people the other side of the globe all trying to help get Dewi better 😊.

Jenny (oh and I will add my hay analysis to my files and also I forgot to add my TRH stimulation test results to my case history! Post TRH he was 123). 
Jenny Comish
England, UK
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