IR and ulcer treatment along with other health challenges

vicky monen


Need to pick your brains here for some information regarding Samson and ulcers.  We have had alot of health issues ongoing for some time now. 
He was diagnosed Insulin resistant/Cushings/EPM, allergies.  

Most recently he was dealing with low grade fever and unidentified reasons for such.  I have updated my case history with details listed and CBS-Chem panel.

Basically, I believe he has been dealing with undiagnosed ulcers for a very long time., with the most recent bout the last two weeks.  I have just started him on omeprozole at the treatment dose.  He significantly showed signs of improvement after a few days of this treatment.  I will be adding the sulcrafate once I get it in.  My question is,  I understand that giving alfalfa during ulcer treatment is helpful.  Is there a safe amount I could give him, through alfalfa pellets?  Also, do you have any other suggestion for feeding and supplementation during ulcer treatment?   What about light exercise, or do they need to be off completely from any light work?  

My other questions are,  do hind gut ulcers cause low back pain and can it manifest into other mechanical issues? 
Can ulcers affect Insulin levels due to stress from pain? 
I have recently increased his prascend to 2mg per day, because I was struggled to get his insulin back down.  Also he is constantly lame, which was thought to be possibly due to chronic laminitis. Can the increased prascend affect his gut or exacerbate ulcers?  He continues to be put on Decoquinate powder for preventative & relapses of EPM and would this contribute to ulcers?  As well as he is now on a permanent low dose of aspirin for the chronic laminitis. How do any of these drugs affect his gut and or ulcers?  Vet also believes he has polynuritis but the treatment conflicts with the IR, as it requires levimisole with DEX for several months.  Is there any other thing that can be given in place of DEX to go with the levimisole for polynuritis treatment?

He is a complicated case with many variables. 

Thank you so much for any suggestions in regards to our ongoing challenges. 
Vicky Monen and Samson

Aug 2015, Alpharetta Ga.

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