Re: New Hay - results. Does his current diet align to this new hay well enough?

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Laura,
I'm wondering if there are people willing to be a tutor
I'd be happy to guide you through the calculations and check your numbers if you are trying to work through it on your own.  I have done the course, passed the competency exam, and balanced a few hays for myself and others.  In the meantime though, you could ask for Dr Kellon to balance with Uckele supplements for now so there's no delay for Ero's minerals when he starts the new hay.

One thing: do this on paper, like how Carol requires it in the course!  It's less overwhelming.  The spreadsheet hides all the background work and makes it hard to see how you've done something (especially if you are coming back to it 6 months later!) and VERY easy for mistakes to be made.  If you do it on paper and 'show your work', you can refer back to it every time you have a new hay to balance and follow the same steps to work through it again with new hay only takes 30 or so minutes with a new hay if you have your process laid out in front of you.  I only use a spreadsheet AFTER I've balanced the hay and figured out what I need to add to correct deficiencies and ratios...then, with the spreadsheet I can plug in the numbers for any extras I am already feeding for a carrier (beet pulp/soy hulls/ODTBC/extruded pellets/etc) and for any pre-made mineral mixes (if I'm not doing a custom mix) to see if it fills the gaps and doesn't throw off the mineral ratios.  But I spend so much time checking the spreadsheet for errors that I'm not sure it's any quicker than a pencil and paper!

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