Re: Bloodwork drawn once yearly?

Kirsten Rasmussen

I would push the ACTH testing to late July-early August personally, if I had a PPID horse and a choice of when to test.  Summer solstice (Jun 20th, 2021) is technically the start of the seasonal rise but I would not expect to see much of an increase in ACTH until it's a little more closer to the fall equinox in late September (Sep 22/2021).  It's a balance between testing too early and not seeing if ACTH is rising abnormally fast, or testing too late and not being able to increase the pergolide dose in time to be effective on the full ACTH rise.  It's hard if you can only test 1x a year but that is the reality for many people.  My vet only visits our area 2x a year (spring and fall) and I don't get to chose the dates, so I just get the tests done when I can even if the timing is not ideal.

Other members with large herds of PPID horses have said that they based pergolide dose increases based on tracking signs/symptoms rather than bloodwork because of the cost, and that is a reasonable strategy if you are willing to do a weekly assessment of PPID signs in each of your horses, document your observations, then watch for trends/changes.

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