Re: Bloodwork, PPID, EMS Invokana and Pergolide


Nancy, I'd give what you need to see an effect, up to roughly double the labeled dose. Maybe 6 ml twice a day, or 10 once and a second dose of 4-6 ml. My experience with APF was that double the labeled dose really helped when one horse experienced a serious pergolide veil (non-PPID horse ate the PPID horse's full 5 mg pergolide dose). I'm not being cavalier with herbal dosing, but my experience is that starting doses are fairly conservative. While starting doses may work for some herbals for some horses, especially with Cayuse, failures with strong and effective herbals  (CTB, J-Herb, Devil's Claw, Canadian Ginseng, Spirulina, Mov-Ease) have all been cured by increasing dose and doing it fairly quickly after I notice a failure of effectiveness. 

Also, I'll just put this out there again (forgive me for repeating myself-it's my age) as a possibility. Failure to eat a mash isn't something I'd initially blame on the pergolide veil. Does he seem spacey and distracted? You know Vinnie the best, and I take your word for it when you say you think it's from the veil. Just remember that the veil rarely lasts for weeks. Refusal to eat the usual bucket meal can be a result of pain, an early warning when your horse still wants to eat hay. I get serious fast about the pergolide veil (and about pain!) when my horse won't eat hay. 
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