Re: Increase of Pergolide question

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hi Dr Kellon, I just wanted to remind Vinnie has never had elevates acth even during the rise off prascend it was 24. When he was on prascend during Dec bloodwork his acth was 20.2 with insulin at 198. Which was why we went with invokana. Jan insulin came down to 40.94 but we didn't retest acth at that time.

I stopped prascend when we started invokana with the intent of doing  trh stim, but vinnie got sore again 32 days after stopping, so we restarted prascend.

Will his acth be a good indicator or are we looking for insulin response while in invokana and acth to determine whether we increase his prascend dose?
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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